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Fall Clean Up – 4 Things to Do to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

  • by Aeroscape

Fall is the perfect time for some landscaping around the house services for your lawn. The timing of some of these tasks might seem counter-intuitive.

Get Rid of Leaves

This one is obvious and the main chore that you think of during the fall. Although raking them into huge leaf piles for your kids and dogs to play in seems fun, you need to get rid of them quick, before they get wet and clump together in a giant mass. These wet masses of leaves suffocate your lawn and grow all sorts of fungus.  Rake them, use a leaf blower, or mow over them with a mulching mower or a mower outfitted with a collection bag. Use them in your compost bin–if you have one.

Fertilize the Lawn

Even though the growth of grass and other plants slows in the fall, the roots continue to grow fast. Therefore, fall is the perfect time to fertilize. Even if you fertilize only one time a year, do it in the fall to get the maximum impact.

Aerate the Lawn

Even though you don’t need to do this every year–it is best to aerate your lawn only when it needs it–but aerating soil in the fall has maximum impact. Typically, you aerate when your soil is too compacted or overrun with lawn thatch for your lawn to grow well. Aeration pokes holes in the soil in order to allow water and fertilizer to reach the roots easier and promote growth.

Seed Sparse Patches

Fall is the best time to spread seed to fill those bald patches or where the lawn density has thinned. Because the ground is still warm, moisture is plentiful, and the sun not too hot, this makes it the perfect time to get a jumpstart on planting grass for the spring.

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